Would You Like Filet Mignon With That?

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

If I offered to take you to dinner and gave you the choice of either The Outback Steak House or Burger King, most of you would choose The Outback for obvious reasons. Better Quality food, atomsphere, a 20 oz. New York Strip steak, etc.

But what if I took you to Burger King , and after you filled up on a Whopper and fries, I said “Hey would you rather go to the Outback Steak House?” You’d probably be pretty upset. You’d wonder why I did not suggest the Outback first.

You’re too full now to enjoy a thick juicy steak and baked potato.  Forget about the Blooming Onion.

As you were enjoying your Whopper, you would have been happy and content. You would have been thinking wonderful thoughts about me for treating you to dinner

Only when you found out about what you could have had, would you become upset. You’d start to regret the Whopper and crisp golden fries. The food might begin to feel like a lead weight in your stomach. How could something that seemed so good at the time seem so bad now? What was the difference?


Knowing what you sacrificed for that Whopper and fries. The knowledge of what you could have had. The image of the sizzling steak and steaming baked potato, topped with piles of bacon and smothered in cheddar cheese is overwhelming.

You wish you could turn back time, take a do over, a mulligan. but you can’t. No matter how much you want that steak, there is just no room in your stomach.

Hungry As A Hostage

To truly enjoy a meal at the Outback Steak House, you need to be hungry. You need to have an empty stomach. You don’t eat at home before you go out to eat, at least not if you are smart. But there have been occasions where I went to my mom’s house for dinner and upon my arrival, was tempted by a triple chocolate cake she had baked. I’d take a big chunk against my mother’s sound advice; “You won’t have room for supper. Wait!”

I always assure her I’m so hungry, it won’t ruin my appetite. Guess who is always right.

I argue my point, “I never have room for dessert after dinner, so I’ll eat my dessert first. And please don’t act like you’ve never used that line before, cause we both know you have.

Being tempted by the cake is not the problem. The problem starts when I don’t resist the temptation. When I start reasoning with myself. I convince myself it won’t hinder my ability to eat the dinner my mother went through the trouble of preparing for me.

Salad = Sin

Okay maybe not. But the same thing happens when I go to the Olive Garden. Those evil people bring me a big bowl of salad and that little wicker basket filled with piping, hot buttery breadsticks, nestled is that crisp white linen blanket.

I devour 3 plates of salad and 4 breadsticks while I’m waiting for my Italian Trio of goodness to come. But then the waitress comes and asks, “Would you like some more salad and breadsticks?” And she is so polite I don’t want to hurt her feelings so I say, “Absolutely!” I mean what was I suppose to say?

Two more plates of salad and 3 breadsticks later, I can’t move unless I unbutton my pants.

Right on cue, my Trio of chicken parmesan, lasagna, and fettuccini alfredo arrives. The waitress smiles and asks, “Can I get you anything else?” I’m like yeah a box because I’m stuffed.

You can’t eat a loaf of bread and 2 heads of lettuce and exspect to polish off a boat sized plate of pasta. Your stomach needs to be empty.

What’s My Point?

So you may be wondering, Is there some Bible message in all this?

Actually, believe it or not, there is. Sure there is the obvious part about temptation but there is more to today’s message then the evils of being tempted. It’s about being filled up with the wrong stuff. It’s about not having room for the right stuff.

When Satan was tempting Jesus with food, Jesus was able to resist because he was already full.

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. ‘” (Matthew 4:4)

Jesus was quoting Old Testament scripture. He was filled with God’s word. Jesus filled himself with the things of his Father.

Knowledge of the scriptures gave Jesus the ability to resist the devil. He was filled with the right things.

Food For Thought

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

                                                                                                              (Psalm 119:11)

Don’t Spoil Your Appetite

  1. S. Leonard says:

    Awesome! Now that’s some preaching to the youth if I may say so! My husband comes from a VERY big and well known evangelistic outreach type church! He has always said the MESSAGE STAYS THE SAME but the delivery is what can become different. Paul “deliver differently” the SAME message to the Ephesians to the Corinthians and Galations…God’s unadulterated word motivated in love and unctioned by the Holy Spirit!

    You captivated my attention, and OMGosh you made me think because you connected the ways of our world to the things that so easily beset us in a fashion that made me laugh and really know there is more but temptation leaves me stuffed and full of the lesser!

    I think this lesson would be a GREAT one to segue off of and have group talks right after the main speaker shared it!

    If you were speaking to my kids I’d definitely make sure they were on the front row!!!

    Way to go!

    • regener8ted says:

      Thank you very much. I really appreciate the feedback. I love to speak to teens and would be honored to speak at your church if I am ever invited to do so. God bless.

  2. S. Leonard says:

    Where are you out of?

    • regener8ted says:

      Quakertown Pa. But I travel all over the US to speak at churches. I have a book called REGENER8 that I do book tours for all over as well. It is a teen devotional that you would probably love if you liked my blog post. It’s on Amazon and you can read the reviews. I am a pastor and founded a para church outreach to teens considered unreachable. We have had much success and over 150 teens have accepted Christ. My website is http://www.robcookunderground.com thank you again for your kind words. Where are you from and what are the ages of your children?

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