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Illuminate: To provide or brighten with light. To enlighten intellectually or spiritually.

Where’s the Light Switch?:

     If you are like me when I was young, you probably leave things laying around on the floor of your bedroom. For you, this may not pose a problem, but if you had lived in my house it would have been a different story. At least at night.

     My lamp was on my nightstand, which was the most logical spot for it since I liked to read at night before bed.

Here’s the illogical part:

     There was no light fixture in the ceiling and the light switch did not work the outlet my lamp was plugged into. This caused me to stumble through the dark to make my way over to my lamp. Here is where the real problem was. If I had things haphazardly spread across my floor, I tripped or stubbed my toe, or worse, I stepped on something extremely hard or sharp, in my bare feet.

You Can’t Fix Stupid:

     I’ve heard it said, the definition of stupid is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It this is true, I was the poster child for STUPID. Each time I thought I could navigate the debris on my bedroom floor flawlessly and turn on my lamp unscathed. Every time I was proven wrong.

5 Bucks Equals No Pain:

     I cannot count the times I said to myself “I should buy a flashlight” I could put it next to the door and use it to light my path. It’s not like they were expensive. It could have saved me a lot of pain.  Each time I convinced myself I didn’t need it. I’d tell myself I’d just keep my room clean. I convinced myself my eyes would adjust to the dark. I gave myself many reasons why I did not need the light. But in reality, I was living in denial.

5 Minutes Equals Less Pain:

     Just like 5 bucks spent on a flashlight would light my path and guide me around the obstacles waiting to befall me, 5 minutes a day spent in God’s word will lighten the path in front of you and expose the traps Satan is setting for you.

Daily Ammo:

     But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is the light that makes everything visible. (Ephesians 5:13-14)

    Today’s blog is from my new book I’m working on as a follow up to REGENER8. It is titled Illumin8. I hope you like it. Leave me some feedback. Let me know your story. What traps has Satan set for you that looked like good things at first. How did you overcome them. Your story may end up in my book. If it does you will receive a free copy.



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