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So Easy A Child Could Do It

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I write this blog I am currently 3 weeks into a 6 month missions trip to Westerly, Rhode Island. I came to Westerly for the first time 8 weeks ago to speak at a church and do a leadership training seminar.

I learned that New England was infamous for chewing up and spiting out churches and pastors. It seemed the devil had a stronghold over this area and claimed victory. This did not sit well with me. My wife and I discussed the possibility of moving here and running Satan out of town with the power of the Holy Spirit working through the church.

We have seen tremendous results in the 3 weeks we have been here. Before I share with you what God is doing, I want to state a disclaimer: I am not a professional speaker. I am not a Bible scholar. I have never been to seminary. I am not book smart. I hold no degrees. I am not special in any way.

Now that you know what I am not, let me tell you what I am. I am a 46 year old house painter, 47 this Christmas. I came from an abusive childhood and had many run ins with the law as a teenager. I am average. I have a high school diploma. But I possess something valuable to God, A completely surrendered heart and belief that all things are possible, These are the only qualifications I have. This enables God to accomplish great things through me. God truly uses the foolish things of this world, I am proof of that.

So I want to share with you what has happened in the last 3 weeks and the methods we used.

Nerf Gun Fight

Our third day here my 10 year old son, Christian, saw 6 boys playing in a yard across the street. He said, “Hey dad, should I go build some relationships with them. We taught him the value of building bridges his whole life.

He went out and joined their game of football. After a bit, I carried out a bunch of Nerf guns that we purchased for occasions such as this. They were a huge success. After the war I invited the boys to church on Sunday and also told them to stop by and we would do this again.

An 11 year old boy came to my house several more times that week. We met his mom that week and I invited her to church with us. My son stayed over at their house Saturday, which enabled me to visit them Sunday morning to remind them of church. The family, minus the father, came to church. The second Sunday, the father joined his family at church. I preached that Sunday and he said God spoke to him through me. He returned this past Sunday and accepted Christ as his Savior. We have only been here 3 weeks!! This started because a 10 year old boy went out to build relationships. A Nerf gun war resulted in a soul spending eternity with Christ.

During this same 3 week time period we started a Friday night game night at our home complete with brownies and board games. This same 11 year old boy invited a friend and he attended church with us this Sunday as well.

We started a Saturday night community group in our home and we provide dinner and guests bring dessert and drinks. This enables us to invite our neighbors and build meaningful relationships.

Out of all these activities, we launched multiple Life Transformation Groups, (For info on these just Google Life Transformation Groups.)

God is moving and people’s hearts are being changed. We didn’t beat anyone over the head with our Bibles. We didn’t judge our neighbors or bash their lifestyles. We simply loved them like Jesus did. We cared for them, met some needs and shared our lives over spaghetti. We bought bright orange plastic guns that shoot foam darts and slayed the enemy and destroyed his strongholds.

Can you do these things? Can you have a Nerf gun war or something similar in your neighborhood? Can you open your home and play Monopoly? Can you boil some noodles and drown them in sauce and smother the enemy’s plans for your neighbors?

It’s so easy, a child DID it.