Keep Planting

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Uncategorized


So I was reading the parable of the sower this week for like the umteeth time and something struck me today from the story that I never paid attention to.

This is going to sound stupid but I never claimed to be a rocket scientist. So what did I overlook a million times in the parable of the sower? The sower. The farmer planting the seeds.

Crazy I know, right? How could I overlook the sower? I mean it’s right in the title. Nevertheless I did. I was always focused on the soils receiving the seeds. I thought that was the crux of the parable and maybe it is, but humor me for the next minute or two.

Without the sower dude, there are no seeds being sown and without seeds connecting with the soil, it won’t matter how much sun or rain the soil receives, ain’t nothing going to happen.

So the sower/ farmer dude is the most important element in the cycle of growth. And in the parable who do you think the farmer guy casting seeds, represents? Yeah you got it, You and me.

So my mind started doing that thing it does when a spark of insanity strikes and I started kicking stuff around up there and after the dust cleared out I got some clarity.

If I owned a farm and had lots of acreage and lots of fancy machinery for planting crops and harvesting them, but I never planted a single solitary seed ever, would you or anyone consider me a farmer?

Or what if I only planted one seed on my thousand acre farm. I would be a fool to expect a big harvest. You get what I’m saying?

I noticed three key points about the sower in the parable:

1.) He kept casting seeds even when things did not go the way he hoped. Birds ate them. Some did not take and others started but died. But he was not deterred. He knew if he just kept casting seeds eventually he would harvest.

2.) He cast seeds everywhere. Along the path, in the rocks, even in the thorny places. He didn’t want to miss any place that might produce growth. He didn’t prejudge the soil.

3.)His perseverance paid off. He enjoyed a huge crop many times over.

So what’s your take away from this?

When you plant the seeds of the Gospel in someone’s life, sometimes their friends or family will destroy the work you’ve done. They will talk them out of following Jesus. They will tell them you are crazy or part of a cult.


Sometimes your friends might receive what you are saying, say a prayer and be excited, only to go to school and be ridiculed by their peers. They will turn back to their old ways to avoid persecution.


Sometimes your friends will listen, get excited and maybe even come to church a few times, but then social media, attractions to the opposite sex, sports or work and the pursuit of the next IPhone will drown out their zeal for God.


And if you diligently keep planting you will eventually find good soil in the hearts of your friends and something miraculous will happen and they will become sowers themselves and together you will bring in the harvest.


Then he, (Jesus), said to his disciples,

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Ask the lord of the harvest, therefore,

to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Matthew 9:37-38

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