Stop Raising Your Kids in a Good Christian Home

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

We don’t need good kids

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You did not misread the title the first or second time. I said “Stop raising your kids in a good Christian home”. We don’t need anymore “good” kids. We need more Godly kids.

I just read a news article about a 15 year old boy shot and killed by police. Yes, this is tragic. In the article his sister is quoted, “He was a good person. He would just be there to brighten your day.”

Let’s take a look at the circumstances of the shooting as outlined in the news article:

The 15 year old boy had a prior conviction for grand theft auto when he was 14. He was put on probation, but then broke that probation. They required him to wear an ankle bracelet. The article said that from the boy’s social media posts you could tell he was in to trouble. In this current situation that led to his death, he had car jacked someone and drove around firing a gun out the car window.

Police pursued him into a cul-de-sac where he proceeded to ram them. Two accomplices fled. The 15 year old then tried to run police down in an effort to escape. Three officers opened fire, striking him. He exited the car, dropped his gun, collapsed, and died.

His mother is pleading with the two accomplices to come forward, “We don’t know who else was in the car with him, but we’re asking you, could you please come forward? Because you saw. You saw something. You saw them shoot him, you saw them chase, you saw something.”

They are blaming the actions of everyone but their son.

Good isn’t good enough

This “good person” moniker is not the exception but the norm. Many people who commit mass shootings and murders are often described as being raised in a “good” Christian home. We try to teach our children morality based on the standards of this world. The only problem with this is the simple fact that the world’s system is flawed.

Paul said our good deeds, our goodness, is filthy rags before a holy God. We teach our children how to live good lives by obeying the 10 commandments but this school of thought is based on sinking sand.

Here’s why

The 10 commandments were given to use as proof we cannot live up to God’s standards because we are born sinful and depraved. The 10 commandments were given to show us our need for a Savior. We cannot raise good kids by teaching them the law. Our goal should be to raise godly kids by connecting them to Jesus.

While teaching law is building on sand, connecting them to God is building on the Rock.

Let’s face it

You messed up as a kid. You still mess up. You break the 10 commandments, we all do. The only thing that produces real change in us is to connect personally with the one who has vested his life personally in you.

Don’t raise your kids to be good because according to Jesus, there is no one who is good, except God.

Raise them to be Godly. That’s all that counts in the end.

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