Jesus loves you…so I don’t have to

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sounds like a funny t-shirt or bumper sticker, but the harsh reality is not funny. I know countless professing Christians who hide behind the slogan, “Jesus loves you”, without really loving people.

The irony, to be called a Christian, is to be, Christ-like. We are told throughout the New Testament, to be imitators of Christ, therefore if Jesus loved people, skeletons and all, shouldn’t we love people too?

Many in the Church body focus on a lot of things when building a church, but neglect the one thing that works. We build big fortresses for millions of dollars on sprawling campuses. We conduct extensive market research and hire consultants to inform us of what unbelievers are looking for in a church.

We visit coffee houses in search of the finest coffees and pastries to serve in our caramel, mocha, latte color decorated “Hebrews” coffee bar. We read best selling, emerging church books to find out if guests want to wear, “Hello my name is” tags or remain anonymous. The latest polls tell us our music needs to be upbeat, like the chart toppers with plenty of lights and fog. People want to feel like they are at a concert.

We purchase cushioned chairs that rival the finest home theaters, complete with cup holder and built in Bluetooth and handy cell phone charger for convenience. Our interior design team spent months picking our color schemes after attending home shows and researching the latest fashion trends. Who knew puce was in?

Our subscription to “Church Business” magazine came just in time, before we got too far into construction, informing us that having a 20,000 gallon saltwater fish tank in our foyer would land us on the front page of our local newspaper, making us, the talk of the town. God truly does work in mysterious ways. Can I get a witness?

Our visitor center is stocked with full color glossy brochures of all 427 programs we offer, from softball to knitting. Our book store is stocked with all the latest books from the countries top motivational, I mean mega church pastors, sharing vital secrets on how to have the best life ever.

We hired the team from Walt Disney World to decorate our children’s ministry rooms and MTV executives came up with our themed teen center and the t-shirt design for our youth leaders, “You can’t spell youth ministry without Y O U. They are so in tune with God, it’s scary.

Our billboard campaign is in full swing promoting our new sermon series, God Invented Sex, and should really pack them in. Our pastor’s wife just read an article in Cosmo titled “SEX SELLS” This just confirms we are experiencing God’s Favor. Our pastor’s 50 foot smiling face looks great and will really build HIS platform.

Thankfully, our consultants have their fingers on the pulse of society and warned us against displaying any crosses or religious references in our décor. Seekers don’t like that kind of blatant, in your face, God stuff. We made sure to inform our leadership team to send out memos reminding their teams, people are easily offended at the name of Jesus, so let’s just stick with “God”.

Okay, so there may be a bit of satire here, but not as much as you would think. The point I want to make is this; We as a Church, in America, focus on a lot of things that are not Jesus.

We look to world to design and build Jesus’ church. We ignore the detailed instructions Christ gave us to build, His Church. We think we need to have the best buildings. The best music. The best coffee. The most comfortable seating. The most programs. The coolest youth rooms. The most charismatic speaker.

Many churches have all these things and yet fail to make disciples. They loose attendees when the next best church down the street opens up for business. They fail to have an eternal impact on their communities.

These churches are so focused on empire building, they forget, we are in the Kingdom building business. And the best way to build God’s Kingdom is to LOVE people. To be servants in our communities. Love is the most powerful weapon we have in our arsenal. Lights and fog won’t change hearts. Coffee bars and bookstores won’t bring about true repentance. Gorgeous landscaping will not make disciples who make disciples.

Love is all you need. Love is the answer to every question. How can I be so sure of this? Because God solved all the problems of this sinful world with love.

For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only son. Jesus loved the world so much, he came. Love’s the only rule. Go be Jesus. Go love people

  1. Sandy Quandt says:

    Rob, once again you boldly speak the truth we all so desperately need to hear, and apply. It’s all about Jesus and what he has done for us through his sacrifice on the cross.

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