Posted: September 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

There are many ways to be distracted these days. Companies are in an epic battle competing for our mind time. We are bombarded with media overload and we don’t seem to care. Need proof of this? Just visit any restaurant and observe your fellow diners. 7 out of 10 people will have their noses buried in their smart phones. Husbands and wives, even children, will sit at the same table in silence, glued to their screens. They are oblivious to their surroundings as they update their Facebook statuses, send tweets, view emails and read the news. Sound unbelievable? Go see for yourself. Every corporation wants your attention and your dollars. As a result, we are over stimulated. This epidemic is out of control. They’ve now decided we cannot even pump gas for two minutes unless we can watch a 26 inch HDTV mounted to the top of the gas pump.

Priorities whacked out

People will let a roof leak go for months before repairing it. They will suffer for weeks with a toothache, but less then a minute without cable or internet. They panic as soon as the connection is lost and scramble for the phone to call for service. Even moving day has been affected. Top priority is getting cable and internet hooked up before they move in. People can live without water but not without internet and cable. I realized my 10 year old son will never know life without cell phones, tablets, streaming 24/7 media, online gaming and movies delivered to your portable devices instantly. They’ve taken the guess work out of life along with imaginations and face to face playtime. I’m not against technology but I can’t help feeling that, with all the things we’ve gained from it, we’ve lost as much in some ways. But of all the things we’ve lost to the never ending onslaught of stimulation, is our private quiet time with God. We are willing to sacrifice our spiritual growth in the name of social media where we build imaginary farms, invite people to play solitaire, which makes no sense, mafia wars, candy crush, Texas HoldEm and the list continues to grow. We cannot hear the voice of God among the chaos. It has been drowned out. Our vessels are so full of worldly things, that we put God away in a box on a shelf in our closet with the thought of “someday”. This is exactly where Satan wants God. Distractions are how he operates. How he gets your mind off God and his plans for your life. He slitters up on you without much fanfare and entices you with things you think you can’t live without, all the while forsaking the very things that give life. Do not be fooled. Satan will not try to get you to stop serving God because it’s so much easier to just make you forget about God altogether. His plan is working. Now that you know his plan what will you do about it?

  1. mitchteemley says:

    THE challenge of our era. Thanks for posting, Robert!

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