Embrace Trials

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

You probably read the title of todays blog post and thought, Yeah right. You may even be thinking that I can say this because I have never faced trials. I can assure you, nothing would be further from the truth. I have faced more trials and heartache then I can even remember.

I came from an abusive, broken home. I suffered sexual abuse from a close relative before I was even ten years old. After my father left, we suffered extreme poverty. I was bullied at school. I was arrested for the first time at 11 years old. I know the pain of infidelity. I suffered when my children’s mother absconded with them and I did not see them for over 18 years. And just a short time ago, my younger brother whom I loved with all my heart, hung himself. I know what it is to face trials of many kinds.

That’s why I can say with complete assurance that those trials prepared me for the calling God placed on my life. Just like Joseph, for such a time as this. These trials were not easy but necessary.

James tells us to consider it pure JOY, whenever we face trials. Say what? Joy? Really? And notice he did not say if you face trials but whenever, as in it will be more then once.

So let me get this straight. Not only am I going to face trials but I should be joyful when I do. Why?

Because these trials have a purpose. According to James, they develop perseverance. And perseverance MUST finish its work, (in us), so that we can be mature and complete, lacking nothing.

Did you catch that? These trials are necessary. Yes the very trials that cause us to question God’s sovereignty or calling on our life. The trials that cause doubt to creep in. The situations that would have us believe God is asleep at the wheel are actually allowed by God for our benefit to bring about His will in our life.

Sounds messed up I know. But James tells us to embrace these trials because they are vital to our growth. He goes so far to imply, without these trials, we cease to grow. If you take nothing else from this, catch this, James says the testing of your faith develops perseverance and perseverance MUST finish its work so that we may be complete.

Without trials we would be incomplete.

The next time you face trials, Satan would have you believe God is turning His back on you, but remember, God is perfecting you.



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